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Pope Francis, the 'cold-call pope', reaches out and touches a lot of people

VATICAN CITY (RNS) Of all the novelties that Pope Francis has brought to the Vatican, few have endeared him to the public — and unsettled his aides — as much as his penchant for picking up the phone and calling someone out of the blue. popefrancis ...
Pope Francis did not mean to insult Mexicans, says Vatican

- 1 week ago @ MAX ROSSI/REUTERS Pope Francis did not meant to insult Mexicans when he used the term 'Mexicanization' earlier this week, a Vatican spokesman says. Pope Francis meant no harm when he referred to drug cartel violence as the "Mexicanization" of his ...

Making a case for Pope Francis to visit California

- 1 week ago @ The itinerary for your highly anticipated trip to the United States this September defies belief: You are only visiting the Northeast (Philadelphia, New York City, and D.C.), and you're not coming to California. Holy Father, that's like visiting Italy ...

Pope Francis' Finance Czar Cardinal George Pell Comes Under Intense Scrutiny

- 1 week ago @ Pope Francis' finance czar is coming under intense scrutiny after ruffling feathers at the Vatican as he seeks to impose order on its unruly finances. Italian weekly L'Espresso reported in its Friday editions that Cardinal George Pell's economy ...

Eye of the beholder

- 6 days ago @ More than any Supreme Pontiff in the modern era (at least), Pope Francis is comfortable speaking off the cuff in public. That verbal spontaneity has earned the pope fans, "but going off-script has its pitfalls," BBC News says in its 60-second roundup ...

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Pope Francis urges end to 'modern forms of enslavement' at New Year's mass

The Week Magazine: "War makes all of us slaves," the pope argued as he prayed for peace. This is not Pope Francis' first time addressing the subject of modern bondage: In December, he noted that the problem is "unfortunately becoming worse and worse every day.".

Pope Francis Is More Popular Than Ever in the U.S.

Even those with no religious affiliation are highly favorable

Poll finds Pope Francis' popularity in US rising

Pope Francis' popularity among Americans is rising, six months before his first papal visit to the United States, a public opinion poll released Thursday suggests. Ninety percent of Catholic Americans surveyed by the Pew Research Center said they thought well of the 78-year-old pope -- and that includes 57 percent who held a "very favorable" view of him.

How Popular Is The Pope? Even Atheists Like Him

The pontiff gets good grades from 95 percent of U.S. Catholics who go to church every week.

Pope Francis nearly as popular as St. John Paul II among US Catholics

Everyone has a high opinion of Pope Francis. Well, almost everyone. A Pew Research survey released Thursday finds the pope rates a 90 percent "very" or "mostly favorable" rating among U.S. Roman Catholics. For Mass-attending Catholics, it's a stratospheric 95 percent total positive rating.

Pope Francis’s Report Card

A veteran Vatican watcher sizes up Pope Francis

Why Pope Francis is calling Catholics to have a 'personal encounter with Jesus'

The preacher to the papal household, Father Raniero Cantalamessa, has explained Pope Francis' writings on the joy of the gospel.

Pope Francis's Report Card

TIME: Since his surprise election two years ago, Pope Francis has electrified and baffled the world in roughly equal measure. He's launched Roman Catholicism on a reform path—though without altering its traditional teaching—and he's tried to put a more ...


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Why Pope Francis is calling Catholics to have a 'personal encounter with Jesus'

ChristianToday: The preacher to the papal household, Father Raniero Cantalamessa, has encouraged Catholics to discover the joy of the gospel through a personal relationship with Christ – speaking from a letter on evangelism written by Pope Francis. Cantalamessa made ...

Pope Francis: worldliness blinds us to the needs of the poor

Vatican Radio: (Vatican Radio) Worldliness darkens the soul, making it unable to see the poor who live next to us with all their wounds: this was the message, in brief, that Pope Francis had for the faithful gathered for Mass in the chapel of the Santa Marta ...

The journey from Bergoglio to Pope Francis

Buenos Aires Herald: The first theatrical release about the life of Pope Francis, called Francisco de Buenos Aires, premieres today at the Gaumont and Monumental Belgrano Multiplex movie theatres. A co-production between Argentina and Italy, directed by Argentine political ...

San Diego: Pope Francis Raises A Bishop: LA Times, NC Reporter Celebrate

Pewsitter: The selection of McElroy, Winters wrote, shows something "about Pope Francis and the process of selecting bishops. An affectation for the traditional Latin Mass may no longer get one into the express lane. An intransigent, culture-war approach to the ...

Pope Francis: a society that discards the elderly has no future

"Where the elderly are not honoured, there is no future for the young". This was the powerful message delivered by Pope Francis during his catechesis on Wednesday, devoted to the elderly. Speaking to the crowds gathered in St Peter's Square for the weekly General Audience on Wednesday, the Pope continued in his series of teachings on the family, focusing this time on the role of grandparents ...

Pope Francis to publish letter on human ecology, cardinal says

Cardinal Peter Turkson announces planned papal encyclical during his visit to Ireland

Pope Francis plans to canonize St. Therese of Lisieux's parents during family synod

Pope Francis is expected to canonize Blessed Louis and Zelie Martin, the parents of St. Therese of Lisieux, during the world Synod of Bishops on the family in October.


Pope Francis condemns 'intolerable brutality' of ISIS

Pope Francis has condemned the “intolerable brutality” of ISIS in Syria and Iraq at Sunday Angelus. The Pope led the faithful gathered in St Peter's Square in prayers for Christians and others who have been kidnapped or are victims of the Islamist ...


Pope Francis to travel to Pompeii and Naples

Vatican Radio: At 9am Pope Francis is due to arrive in Scampia, an impoverished area close to Naples where he will meet with the community in the John Paul II Square. Midmorning sees the Pope celebrating Mass in Naples' central Piazza del Plebiscito. A special moment ...

Eye of the beholder

The Week Magazine: More than any Supreme Pontiff in the modern era (at least), Pope Francis is comfortable speaking off the cuff in public. That verbal spontaneity has earned the pope fans, "but going off-script has its pitfalls," BBC News says in its 60-second roundup ...

Pope to Venezuelans: work together for common good, dialogue

VATICAN CITY (AP) — Pope Francis is urging Venezuelans to pull together for the common good of their nation after the fatal shooting of a 14-year-old boy during an anti-government protest.


Vatican security chief confirms ISIS is a threat to Pope Francis

The Week Magazine: Domenico Giani, commander of the Vatican's security forces, told Italy's Polizia Moderna that ISIS presents a significant threat to Pope Francis and the Vatican. Giana added, though, that there isn't indication ISIS is planning an attack directed at ...

Vatican police chief confirms ISIS threat to Pope Francis

For months, there have been rumors of threats against the Vatican or Pope Francis by the ISIS militants who are attacking Christians, other religious minorities and Muslims they do not agree with in Syria and Iraq. Concern heightened in February when ...

Student's essay being sent directly to Pope Francis Student's essay being sent directly to Pope Francis. VIDEO: Student's essay being sent directly to Pope Francis. It's a big day for a Chester County seventh grader, whose winning essay is being sent to the Vatican - and Pope Francis. Embed.

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